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Code of conduct / Compliance


The company expressly acknowledges its social responsibility within the scope of its entrepreneurial activities (Corporate Social Responsibility). This Code of Conduct is a voluntary agreement to which we are committed, in particular, to comply with global requirements for ethical and moral conduct, as well as to ensure that our conduct is in line with competition and antitrust law (compliance). This also means promoting fair and sustainable standards in our dealings with suppliers and customers as well as our own company employees. We inform our company employees at regular intervals about the ethical goals and principles of conduct of this Code of Conduct. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that suppliers also orient themselves to these contents. This Code of Conduct is designed as a voluntary commitment.  


General provisions

1. Scope of application
This Code of Conduct applies to all subsidiaries and production sites of the company. 2.  

2. Laws, standards and ethical behaviour
The company complies with the applicable laws and standards of the countries in which it operates. It is guided by generally accepted ethical values and principles, in particular integrity, honesty and human dignity.


3. Business partners, authorities and consumers
The company practices according to the generally accepted business practices of fairness and honesty. It maintains a trusting relationship with the authorities.
Consumer protection standards are observed.

4. Business secrets
Business secrets of business partners are treated confidentially by the company and its employees. The disclosure of confidential information to third parties or making it publicly available is prohibited. This shall continue to apply to company employees even after termination of the employment relationship.  

II. Antitrust and competition law requirements

1. Antitrust law

The company is committed to fair competition. Laws protecting competition, in particular antitrust law and other laws regulating competition, are observed. Illegal agreements on prices or other conditions, sales territories or customers as well as an abuse of market power are contrary to the principles of the company.  

2. Bribery, venality and corruption 
The company rejects bribery and corruption and does not tolerate such behaviour. Employees must ensure that no personal dependencies or obligations to customers or suppliers arise. In particular, company employees must not accept or give any gifts that could reasonably be expected to influence business decisions. If gifts are customary and courteous in a country, it must be ensured that no obligatory dependencies are created and that the legal standards of the country are complied with. Violations are generally punished with measures under labour law.

III. Global guidelines

1. Human rights
Internationally recognised human rights are explicitly and consistently supported. Even in the event of disciplinary measures, all company employees are to be treated with dignity and respect. Such actions shall only be taken in accordance with applicable national and international standards and internationally recognised human rights.

2. Child labour
Child labour and any kind of exploitation of children and young people are rejected. The relevant laws shall be complied with.  

3. Forced labour  
All forms of forced labour, bonded labour, serfdom and slave labour or slavery and conditions similar to these are rejected. Company employees 
must not be forced into employment, either directly or indirectly, through violence or intimidation.


4. Remuneration, workers' rights  
All workers shall receive a fair wage for full-time employment that is at least sufficient to meet basic needs. Remuneration shall be paid in a practical manner (cash, cheque, bank transfer) and a pay slip shall be made available on an adequate scale. The right of workers to freedom of association, assembly, collective bargaining and collective bargaining, to the extent permitted and possible by law in the country concerned, shall be respected.

5. Working time
Working hours shall be in accordance with applicable national law, industry standard or relevant conventions. Overtime must be on a voluntary basis.

6. Health and safety at work
National and international regulations for ensuring health and safety at work shall be complied with. Appropriate systems shall be put
in place to avoid risks to health and safety.

7. Environmental protection
The company observes the goals of sustainable environmental protection. Environmentally friendly production methods are strived for in this context. In accordance with the principles of the Rio Declaration of the United Nations, the company uses natural resources responsibly.

IV. Ethical and social principles

1. Non-discrimination
The company does not discriminate in employment or occupation, including, but not limited to, discrimination on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, colour, sex, mental or physical disability, age, creed, membership of an employee organisation or any other personal characteristic.

2. Harassment
The company disapproves of physical, psychological or sexual violence.

3. Freedom of expression
The right to freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed.

4. Privacy
Privacy is respected.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct.
The company shall, in an appropriate manner and at specified intervals, bring this Code of Conduct to the attention of its employees and ensure compliance with it.

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